Hello there!

If you’ve found this blog, and your curious as to what it’s all about then here is your answer! This blog is entirely dedicated to dance, as you may tell by the head title. Every subject matter on this blog will have something relating to dance; however, not all of these posts are dedicated purely to dancers. Many of these posts will be an invitation to non-dancers as well..

As a dancer myself, I have a lot of love for the art. I’ve been dancing for 5.5 years (since I was 13) and but I’ve loved it since I was born. I feel a strong connection to the subject and I think that there are a lot of issues in the dance world that the rest of the world is unaware of. I want to bring these issues forward in a way that interests all people.

My hopes for this blog, to summarize, are to achieve three main goals.                                       1. I want to raise awareness about the need for attention to health in dancing, and hope to do so by discussing the different ways a dancer can prepare their body from an early age to help them dance longer.                                                                                                                 2. I want to raise awareness about the difficulty dancers face in transitioning from their dance career to a new one, and to offer them a solution to the stress they might endure during it by giving them one universal solution; preparation.                                                            3. I want to raise awareness of dance in general. I want people, dancers and non-dancers, to find an interest in the art, and to find something in it or about it that they can relate to. I want them to realize dance is not purely turns and leaps, but it is creative and artistic expression.I want to discuss different dances, and to help people find the meaning in the movements.

There are four categories, listed in the top bar menu; Exercise & Health, Artistic vs. Competition, Advice, and Miscellaneous. Exercise & Health is about exactly what you might think, Exercise and Health. It’s important in anyone’s life to have a healthy lifestyle, and the tips in this section can help you do so. Artistic vs. Competition is a section dedicated to comparing the artistic style or dance and the dance style seen at dance competitions in an effort to help people identify the difference. Advice is a section for dancers mainly, and is a section with stories of dancers who found a way to prolong their dance career, and tips on how to do so. Lastly, Miscellaneous is any interesting stories or pieces I find that I think might be interesting or beneficial to my readers. Feel free to explore any of the sections, even if you’re a non-dancer, you may find the advice section interesting, or find something that inspires you to become a dancer.

So you see, you don’t have to be a dancer, or be involved in the dance world to find a connection to dance, and to this blog. I want this to be a blog that will benefit dancers and non-dancers alike, and I hope you find something in its contents that you find interesting or useful.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you enjoy the rest of this blog! I have plenty in store.


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